Aquatic & Terrestrial Flora & Fauna Surveys

  • Desktop/Database Searches and due diligence investigations
  • Targeted flora and fauna surveys
  • Threatened Species and Conservation Management Plans
  • Vegetation Quality Assessments (VQA)/Habitat Hectares and Reporting
  • Salvage Management Plans
  • Flora and Fauna GIS Mapping
  • Flora and Fauna Surveys using Drones
  • Water quality testing, surveys and reporting
  • Delivery of environmental toolboxes and inductions
  • Habitat assessments and management plans
  • Project Management and Auditing

Fauna Spotter / Catcher / Salvage 

  • Preclearance fauna/habitat inspection/surveys
  • Data/document management and reporting
  • Habitat translocation plans
  • Fauna monitoring and tracking
  • Habitat reuse and creation
  • Elevated platform rescue and retrieval
  • Chainsaw usage to maintain fauna in hollows during rescue
  • Thermal cameras and drones for fauna detection
  • Emergency contact information folders

Environmental Planning & Approvals

  • Local, State and Federal Planning Advice
  • EES, EIA Development and Reviews
  • EPBC and FFG Development and Approvals
  • Project Management
  • Planning representation

Environmental Offsets 

  • Offset Management Plans
  • Offset sourcing and Credit Trading Negotiations/securing
  • Offset Planning and Approvals Advice and Reporting
  • Compliance obligations at Federal and State levels
  • Annual Monitoring & Reporting of Offset Sites

Habitat Creation and Monitoring

Fauna ladder installation
  • Nest box construction and erection
  • Fauna ladder installation
  • Erection of fauna cameras and monitoring
  • Habitat log and chainsaw hollow creation and erection
  • Data capture/cataloging of all assets
  • Habitat preservation and creation for threatened species
  • Timber reuse/selection for habitat creation
  • Fauna habitat surveys and planning
  • Landscape Plans and/reviews/advice

Environmental Community Engagement and Delivery

Nest box building program in schools
  • Development of environmental community engagement programs
  • Community propagation and planting programs
  • Fauna monitoring programs
  • Nest box building programs
  • Community consultation representation for projects

Seed Collection, Processing, Storage and Plant Salvage

Community seed propagation program
  • Targeted Seed collection
  • Seed cleaning, processing and storage
  • Site collection for construction projects rehabilitation
  • Delivery of seed propagation programs
  • Threatened flora salvage

Land Management And Property Planning Advice 

  • Environmental GIS mapping
  • Rehabilitation plans and advice
  • Land management and whole farm plans and advice
  • Environmental Planning and approvals Advice

Drone Surveys and Assessments

Drone assessment
  • Hazardous tree assessments
  • Fauna habitat assessments
  • Vegetation mapping (Natives and weeds)
  • Aerial fauna surveys (transects etc)
  • General habitat/site condition mapping
  • Aerial Direct seeding
  • Fire mapping

Arborist Consultancy

  • Level 5 Arborist assessments and reporting
  • Hazardous tree assessments
  • Tree removal project management
  • GIS mapping
  • Habitat creation including chainsaw and log hollows creation/install
  • Tree protection zone Site auditing and reporting
  • Fauna and motion camera installation


  • ISCA Assessments and Reporting eg ecology credits
  • ISCA data collection and reporting
  • ISCA evaluations and reviews for the construction industry