Providing customised environmental solutions throughout Australia

Habitat Management Services (HMS) has been providing customised environmental services and solutions to a diverse range of clients since 2004. Whilst focusing flora and fauna in Victoria and New South Wales, our services have been used throughout Australia and internationally (Portland, Seattle and Los Angeles U.S.A).

HMS is committed to protecting, enhancing and maintaining the environment. In doing so, HMS work along side clients to achieve this goal through providing realistic solutions, which can achieve ecologically sustainable development outcomes.

We also believe that providing practical and realistic on-ground solutions for sustainable land management is a necessity. We feel that it is important to relay the information to the client, which reflects their level of understanding and expertise on the subject.

With a team of highly skilled and experienced environmental specialists, it is our goal to work with our client to find realistic and practical solutions whilst at the same time meeting the needs in relation to planning requirements, deadlines and budget constraints.

This is also balanced with the company and staff’s commitment and dedication to protecting, preserving and enhancing both urban and rural environments.

Applying innovation & technology